Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Singapore - the State of Fun

The day before the Grand Prix we spent the day on Sentosa. 

Sadly, not that sort of relaxing-at-the-beach-dipping-your-toes-in-the-surf kinda day (although did I enjoy that on the Sunday, every so slightly hungover).

No, it was my other favourite kid of day. Activities!!
Sentosa Island is as known for its beach clubs and breakfasts as it is for Universal Studios and the attractions it has on offer. 

We opted against Universal, instead choosing a Gold pass which allowed us 3 attractions, all access. There is a HUGE amount on offer on the island (check it out for yourself on the State of Fun website), so we narrowed it down by opting for things we had never done before/hadn’t done since we were 18 12:

First things first. The Segway


As I mentioned, I love activities but had been a little worried about this being boring. After all, how exciting can an electric scooter be? Turns out, pretty exciting! 

After we had got to grips with how they worked, (^ look mum, no hands!) we set off exploring and raced up and down the beach front for an hour.

 photo sentosa_state_of_fun_segway_zpseruoj1q1.gif

I’m not going to be investing in a Segway any time soon - but I’d happily invest in another hour’s ride.
(scoot? tour?)

The South East Asia Aquarium is pretty impressive.
I don’t think I’ve ever been to an aquarium. Or if I have, it clearly wasn’t very memorable!

This however, is something to remember.
Firstly, it’s HUGE. Every possible sea dwelling creature seems to live here, except those with “whale” in their name. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d manage to find a mermaid.

The first experience you have is walking though a tunnel surrounded by sharks, before tank after tank of incredible fish. The eerie blue light made the sharks overhead seem even more sinister.

The water/lighting situation wasn’t particularly camera friendly, so there aren't may photos but TRUST ME when I tell you it is well worth a visit.

 photo sentosa_state_of_fun_aquarium_zpsc1hqyzhd.gif

Our final choice activity of the day was the waterpark.

I want you to imagine a waterpark in Spain (we’ve all been there, they’re rickety, a bit shabby, and seem to be run by 17 year olds who couldn’t care less about safety. Picturing what I mean? Good). Now picture the opposite. 

We were there on a Thursday afternoon during term time and I kid you not, there were more staff than visitors!! Well, maybe not quite, but it felt like it at times.

As a result of the excellent safety standards (and particularly beady-eyed staff) Go Pro = No Go on all of the good slides but we were able to take full advantage of the GoPro’s waterproofness (let’s pretend that’s a word) on the “rapids” - a loose term - and in the kids play area.

Also - I have a new favourite fish, the sting ray!
Now I know it's not their face, but they always look so happy and smiley!

There is even an area to go snorkelling! 

And we found some treasure... Golden Fish!

Sentosa literally has it all!!

The man managed to time me perfectly sliding down the kiddy slides.... I didn't quite manage that.

And I just couldn't resist the cheesey "before", "during" and "after" photos in the Water House

and the inevitable GIF - I've just learnt how to make them, aren't the great?

 photo sentosa_state_of_fun_waterpark_zpsranw0ngd.gif

The State of Fun?
I’d say so!

CB x

PS - if you've missed me being a Tourist in Singapore, you can find {part 1} and {part 2} on the blog, as well as a Singapore Sling

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