Sunday, 25 October 2015

Champagne and Hotdogs

Are you going out for dinner this week? No? Well you are now!
Introducing: Bubbledogs.

Or as they say it, “welcome to Bubbledogs, a champagne bar that does not serve caviar”. Instead, to accompany their 40+ champagnes? Hot Dogs!

I stand corrected. INCREDIBLE Hot Dogs!
Doesn’t it look cosy?

You turn up (I’d say aim for an hour before you actually want to eat) and they let you know how long your table will be. They take your number and send you a text when you should come back - but don’t worry, they know you’ll no doubt be enjoying a cocktail elsewhere so don’t expect you back tout suite!

We opted to sit at the bar as there was only a 45 minute wait (rather than an hour and fifteen for a table) and after a swift glass of wine elsewhere the text came to come back for supper! 

Mama swiftly set to choosing the Champagne and within minutes, we were sipping away - a great perk of sitting at the bar!

Then onto the even better stuff, the food!
They keep the menu simple: hot dogs with stuff. Really, really good stuff!

After much to-ing and frow-ing (especially from Mama, who kept glancing at the different menus, despite them being the same) we settled on our menu favourites.

The 4th of July for Mama

The New Yorker for the Sis

and The Mac Daddy for me

MAC AND CHESSE ON A HOT DOG!! I tucked straight in, even before the side of sweet potato fries had been delivered

^ not that they were there for long!

The place itself is so simply decorated, it’s hard not to love it and the little illustrations that litter the walls are just so adorable! And for those of you that are Gluten free? No wheat in the dawgs and they do GF buns as well - hurrah!

We were three very happy campers!

The Champagne can be pricey but the hotdogs are a bargain so even if you're on a budget these little parcels of delicousness packing into bread rolls are very, very affordable!

Where are you going to suggest if someone wants to go to dinner?

Correct! I'll see you there..

CB x

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