Friday, 6 November 2015

Scrumptious Sesame Sausages

Now if you read Rosie's blog over on The Londoner, you'll know there are two essential things for bonfire night:

1. Sausages
2. Hot, spiced cider

Rosie gave a gorgeous recipe for hot, spiced cider but left us to fend for ourselves on the sausage front.

Have no fear! I have a super easy, seriously peasy scrumptious sausage recipe for you - perfect for any firework-related festivities that no doubt will be happening tomorrow night (it's the weekend after all)!

You need 3 very simple ingredients:

- Cocktail sausages
- Honey (squeezy is easier, but a jar is perfect too)
- Sesame seeds

You also need 3 very simple instructions:

- Separate your sausages, place them in an oven tray and cook as per the instructions. Take them out and resist "testing" one (or two) to make sure they're cooked.

- Scoop them into a bowl and squeeze (or scoop, depending on your honey form) on a good dollop of honey

^if you only have a jar of honey, heat a tablespoon under the hot tap or boiling water, and scoop out a good spoon. The warmth of the sausages will melt the honey and make it perfectly mixable)

- Take a good handful of sesames seeds and sprinkle them over your honeyed sausages.

Pop them into a few ramekins to share between your guests and serve with cosy candles and blankets... 

...and of course a good pint of Rosie's cider.

I'm at a dinner party tomorrow evening and have volunteered to bring the starters, so I had to test out this recipe (if you can call it that) this evening, just to make sure it tasted good enough for tomorrow! 

Let me know if you make these super scrumptious tasty treats.... and let me know many make it to your guests! 

CB x

PS - apologies for the terrible photo quality - I wanted to get this post up in time for the fireworks festivities, but had zero battery on both cameras... Had to rely on the trusty iPhone instead! 

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