Wednesday, 11 November 2015

CB Social

Don't hate me, but I'm going to be shameless. 

This is just a little shoutout to anyone who fancies some new inspiration on the social media front. 

First things first, Instagram.
I'm not one of those boring people who just shares photos they've shared on they blog or saved from Pinterest, you get a lil' bit of everything. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

I've recently discovered Pinterest too, and Pin everything and everyone. 
Most used at the moment are the "Blogger Style" and "Get in my Belly" boards, because every time I read a blog or see a mouth watering restaurant review, I want to keep it for later.

And last but not least is my Bloglovin'!
I'm still getting to grips with Bloglovin'. I get more emails than I know what to do with and seem to be forever finding new blogs I love and "need" to read whenever is Explore. I do love the frame that pops up whenever you click on a blog - I often find new interesting things to read from it - as well as those happy little emails telling me about the milestones I've hit - 75 followers, YEY!

I also have a twitter account but use it more to see other peoples twitterings rather than tweet my own.

Let me know if you decide to join me and of course where to find you! I'm always looking for more people to follow, interesting things to see and new recipes to try!

I'll catch ya over on Insta..
CB x

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