Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumn Scarf Game in Check

You may have noticed, I’ve been away. (or did you think I was just being lazy?)

11 days in Singapore, a bloody good time and 28 degrees plus for the entire trip. Which brings me neatly to my point.

I returned back from my ‘olidays on Tuesday morning and was THROWN into autumn without warning. Jumpers, socks and scarves were promptly added to my outfit and I sped off to work, straight from the airport, hoping I wasn’t going to be too late.

Which brings me neatly to my post. SCARVES! 

If there is one thing I love, it’s a good scarf. I have just over 30 on last count but that does not stop my obsession.

They hang on a hanger on the back of my door, patiently waiting for their next outing.

I have the beautiful silk painted ones that I love but never seem able to wear without looking like my grandmother/a prissy snob.

I have slinky pashminas that have been gathered from Souks and markets around the world.

I have chunky knitted ones for a proper eskimo style wrap.

I even have ones with fur pom poms and matching hats.


It is autumn and it is chilly and so my Pinterest is suddenly FULL of a new lust list of all those woolly little rectangular shaped numbers I want to wrap myself up in – as well as the occasional winter hat to keep my noggin warm.

These are my latest purchases from Chanel and Louis Vuitton


… but if we are talking SERIOUS lust, these little numbers are on the top of my list (for when I win the Euromillions – obvs).

I thought I’d share my thoughts on the best of the high street with you to make sure I keep myself in check (geddit?!)


Animal Print and Soft and Simple checks won me over


I was disappoint to see a very weak scarf game from whistles – but they sure made up for it with these beautiful felt fedoras in Grey and Burgundy (my favourite)


They’re keeping it simple over are warehouse with a classic knitted cream scarf but with gorgeous detailing. Throw it on with this amazing navy fedora with ribbon trim and a grey cashmere jumper and you’ve got yourself an outfit! 

River Island

Tasselled blanket style scarf. Blanket by name, blanket by nature (e.g. it’s HUGE)


Love, love, LOVE these fedoras. The cream one is going straight in my basket after this has been posted. (Or maybe the red)

The perfect match for this blanket scarf too

New Look

I’m not a fan of ponchos, but these wrap-style scarves are a firm favourite. This navy and red one from New Look looks deliciously cosy and I love the navy and red twist on this otherwise dull mink/camel checked scarf


We all know Asos is the champion of the scarf game. People like Rosie over at The Londoner have been showing us this for years with posts like these and this season they have not disappointed.

I present to you my top 3:

And I also LOVE (have I said that enough this post?!) this faux fur patchwork scarf – not sure I could pull it off though! 

There you have it. By "it", I mean of course my salary when it comes in next week. 

I hope I've inspired you to start wrapping up for Autumn... I'm off to pair these with some sunglasses so I can feel snug as a bug in a rug, whilst pretending it's still summer.

CB x

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